Moving Forward

Welcome to Duke New Sense! This blog is a conservative forum and news source for members of the Duke University community and informed readers everywhere. We hope to provide insightful political commentary and campus news to a student body that grows more digitally-oriented every year. One only need look at reports of plummeting print newspaper circulation to realize the importance of internet news outlets and blogs in today’s society. There is every indication that this trend will continue.

We members of the Duke Conservative Union hope to raise our voice above the dusty heaps of campus journals in publication bins. After a trail period extending from late November through December, we plan to start blogging regularly in January. By moving from magazine to blog, we will expand our potential readership; increase our accessibility to alumni; communicate news, upcoming events, and commentary in a timely fashion; and join the growing movement toward web-based political discussion and analysis.

Reluctance for change has characterized historical conservatism. For the Duke Conservative Union, however, pragmatism has triumphed over nostalgia, and a new era has begun.

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