Duke Dems Fail to ‘Filibuster’ Alito

Today, of course, Samuel Alito finally received the Senate vote that he deserved, and he is now America’s 110th Supreme Court justice. Moderation and objective Constitutional interpretation have triumphed while obstructionism has fallen from grace.

Two weeks ago, the Duke Democrats staged a mock filibuster on the Chapel Quad to protest the Senate’s impending confirmation vote. Members harshly criticized Alito and distributed handbills to passers-by.

The text of this handbill is representative of the message trumpeted by today’s leaders in the Democratic Party: Americans (in this case, Duke students) are not fully capable of thinking for themselves. We require a script to explain why Justice Alito “does not fit with the way [we] interpret [our] rights.”

“[sample script]
Hi, my name is [my name] and I am from [my hometown]. I am calling today to voice my opinions on the Alito confirmation. Sam Alito does not fit with the way I interpret the rights given to me in the constitution [sic], and I hope that the Senator will express my opinion on the Senate floor and will vote against Alito. If confirmation seems likely, I encourage my Senator to filibuster in order to protect my rights. Thank you for your time.”

The Duke Democrats don’t trust the average Duke student to have a political opinion of his/her own. This campus organization believes that “Alito’s America is not our America.”

If they support a judiciary that bases its decisions on the text of the Constitution, however, then they are utterly mistaken. Alito’s America is our America!

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